Episode 32: Becoming Un-F*ckwithable with Brig Johnson

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Today, I am joined by Brig Johnson, a Life and Mindset Coach, on a mission to help HIGH ACHIEVING BLACK WOMAN BECOME UN-F*CKWITHABLE!  If you’re listening and you’re like, but I’m not Black, don’t worry, what we’re about to get into today applies to ALL high achieving women, ESPECIALLY those of us in healthcare.

Brig’s unique approach combines her knowledge as an Advanced Practice healthcare provider with her skill as a Life coach. She gets laser-focused on thought loop errors her clients may be experiencing and not only walks them through the process of releasing and replacing limiting beliefs, and how those beliefs are keeping them stuck.

Her signature 3 step process helps clients GET RESULTS through the process of creating a personal revolution in their thinking.

Link up with Brigs

Website/Blog or https://brigjohnson.com For her free monthly masterclass schedule (link on website)
Facebook Page or https://www.facebook.com/coachwithbrig/
Instagram or https://www.instagram.com/johnsonbrig/?hl=en
Additional Notes:

The Model = Circumstance → Thought → Feeling → Actions → Result and Repeat

To get a better understanding of the model, please listen to Episode 3 https://wordpress-133136-1665277.cloudwaysapps.com/dealing-with-overwhelm/

Referenced podcast https://thelifecoachschool.com/podcast/274/. This should be episode 274, NOT episode 263 as mentioned in the podcast.

Prefer to read the Transcript? Click here.

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