Why We’re all Desperately Waiting for You to Start Your Business

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People are hurting.  They have a problem that only you can speak to.

Yes, there may be other solutions.  There may be other people doing what you are doing, but there is only one person who does it quite like you.  In fact, there will be people who will never get their problem solved if you don’t come to them with the solution.  Maybe because they are afraid of judgement or ashamed or their past and they don’t feel like anyone else will understand. But maybe you understand like no one else could.

I’ll give you some examples.  I have a client who is a life coach for people who have been infected with chronic STDs.  Another client works with women in recovery.   I know another coach who is a confidence coach for women.  What makes her so special?  She has vitiligo, an ailment that has turned parts of her smooth brown skin white and pink.

While these are extreme examples, these women and their businesses are beautiful to watch because not only do they truly “get” their clients (it’s not some marketing ploy or phrase they learned in a copywriting course), when you hear their story and the passion behind what they do, you cannot help but want to work with them, if their story connects with yours.

From another angle, we are waiting for you to get your business up and running because the more of us who have a thriving business, means the more people we are helping and as coaches, the more people we are working with, that means there are more happy people walking around the planet not blaming others for their circumstances.  There might even be less divorces if the relationship coaches show up and less people suffering from preventable illnesses if the weight coaches show up.  I’m just saying.

This also means, my darlings, that you have the potential to grow your income beyond the limits of a job.  The more you have, the more you have to give.  So it’s a win all the way around.

I know there are a lot of pieces to getting your business started.  I know there are a lot of negative emotions and self-talk you have to overcome.  But the world actually needs you.  We need you to get past these things so we all can do better.

If you need help getting started, I’m here.


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