Why I am NOT a Weight Coach

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Since 2011, people have watched me turn my health around.  I dropped about 80 pounds, became a hard-core cyclist and started running.

All things I never thought I would do.  

The same principles I used to get started, stay consistent and successfully remove the weight are the same ones I used to pay off about $60,000 in debt in one year, develop a daily spiritual practice and build this business.  Oh, and still work out at least 3 times a week, have Date Night with my fiance’ and get 8 hours of sleep a night.

When I coach people, I meet them where they are.  They may initially seek me out for weight coaching because it is the easiest to see and the gateway to happiness (or so they think). But I realized that many of my clients were entrepreneurs with big dreams and goals who were sitting on the couch because they were exhausted after working all day.  Not only did they not have the time to eat right or exercise, but they didn’t have the energy to build the very thing that would give them freedom from that job.

After hearing client after client say, “you’re sooo much more than a weight coach,”  I thought about what I really do for my clients.  In essence, I help them take the goal that they think they should have handled already to something that they feel confident about not only achieving, but CRUSHING because they know exactly what to do.

I light a fire under them and help them find the time and energy to get it done.

Consider this a “coming out” video, if you will of me as The Fire Starter. You can continue to expect free information and inspiration, but it will be most focused toward the aspiring coach and heart-centered entrepreneur.  We will talk about things that keep you from getting started and getting things done and how to find the time and energy to build your dream business.

This work is so important to me because I want to make a impact, and by helping you get off your rear and share your gifts with the world, I believe we can do just that.

So, in this video, I thought I would tell you the top 10 benefits of working with me in this capacity, because life is about soooo much more than what you weigh.

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