Why GIVING away your knowledge actually HELPS your business

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The notion of giving your best stuff away, especially when you are new in business can be a scary one.

I was talking to a brilliant web designer the other day who said she thinks giving value through speaking was just a sales tactic and she has her guard up when she hears these talks because she can feel the sales pitch coming.  Therefore, she didn’t think she was going to be doing any speaking.

Why should you consider speaking as a marketing strategy?

1) It allows you to show the unique approach you bring to your field and position you as the expert

2) It provides you a platform to reach several people at once, freeing you up do to other things.

3) It allows you to provide value to potential clients, invoking the law of reciprocity.

She went on to ask, if I tell them all of that stuff, why would they hire me?

Because they may realize it’s too much for them to handle and they figure you know how to do it so why not hire you. Or they get what they need and they are not your clients, but  they may talk about you to their friends.

The point of it all is not to worry about getting 100% of sales from the room, it is truly to help people.

Think about this:

If you speak to a room with 100 people in it and you tell them the top 5 things they should consider when (building a website, hiring a business coach, starting a workout regimen, etc) if ten people hire you, is it a waste of time?

How many people would you have to talk to individually to get ten qualified leads? How much time would that take?

The truth of the matter is that they may not hire you then, they may not hire you ever, but you can potentially save them some time stress and money in the future  and in doing so, the results of that good deed will come back to you, maybe in the form of a business referral or otherwise.

When you think about the problems you solve in your business, how can you help people with your knowledge? What stress can you help alleviate? Go, write or talk about it without holding anything back and watch what happens.

What do you think about the concept of giving away what you know? Do you or don’t you and why? I would to talk about it below.

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Great thoughts! Thanks you for sharing. Sharing knowledge about your business or other aspects of your life is a good thing. It will ultimately lead to something positive happening in your life!