Tricks to Enjoy Your Treats this Halloween without Overdoing It

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Halloween Collage

I walked into the break room to find these goodies everywhere, yet felt a sense of calmness, instead of my old excitement and anxiety.  The cross between, “oh boy!  It’s Halloween, now I have an excuse to eat all this candy”, and “why do they have to keep all this candy around here? I can’t eat that…it’ll make me fat(er).”

Have you ever tried these tips to keep your sweet tooth under control?  Stock up with the candy you don’t like, stash “cheat points for it” and brush your teeth afterwards so you won’t be tempted to go back for more.

Do you find yourself looking at the candy with anger and/or envy?  Or you say forget it and go all-in, because you figure you’ll just start over tomorrow?

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at the table full of goodies and truly enjoy them without feeling bad and without eating so much you make yourself sick?

Here are 5 unconventional tricks to enjoy your treats without going overboard this season.

1. Give yourself permission to eat.

If you are hungry, you should not deny your body that basic necessity.  It is widely know that if you starve yourself (eat less than your body needs to function), you will overeat.  It is your body’s way of keeping you from dying.  We have a primal, protective mechanism within us that forces us to stuff ourselves with food after a period of deprivation in preparation for the next famine.  So be kind to yourself and feed it when it’s physically hungry

2. Give yourself permission to eat…sweets.  (Yes, I said it)

We also have a primal instinct that draws us to sweets in addition to a drive to be social.  When we dreprive ourselves of the ability to fit in and our ability to satisfy those basic pleasures, we will often rebel, stocking up in preparation for the next drought.  you will not get fat from one treat or one meal.  It is what you do (or over do) on a regular basis that creates the results

3. Survey the table.

Ask yourself, What really looks good to me? What do I have a taste for?

4. Be picky.

What food(s) do you really like?  What is really a treat and what is something you can get any time of the year?

5.  Use your senses.

LOOK at the food.  Does it look fresh, colorful or appealing.  SMELL it.  Is the aroma enticing?  TOUCH it.  Do you like the texture of the food?  Finally, TASTE it.  This is key.  Try not to get so caught up in the fact that you’ve been waiting all year for that thing, that you forget to taste it.  Does it taste as good as you thought it would? If not, give yourself permission to toss it.  Also, once you notice your taste buds and sweet tooth have been satisfied, give yourself permission to stop eating, but know that it doesn’t make you a bad person if you choose not to 🙂


Do certain foods send you into a binge-fest and you want to stop?  Click HERE to apply for a Power Session with me and let’s get to the bottom of this.



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