Top 10 Tools For Starting A Coaching Business

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I remember when I was started out and was trying to figure all of the things I needed to operate my coaching business.  No one really laid it out for me, I just had to piece it together on my own.  So, to save you the trouble, here are the major tools I think you need to be efficient and effective in not only running, but marketing your coaching business. (More on that in future posts).


Email Marketing Software

The money is in the list!  That’s what they all say, and with good reason. You want a way to be able to continue to help people once you’ve made the initial impression and to reach out to them when you are promoting something.  Not having a way to collect emails is kind of like having a great conversation with someone you’d like to know and not getting their phone number. I’m just saying…

Scheduling Software

If you’ve ever spent several hours or days emailing a client back and forth to set up an appointment, you know you need a scheduler.  Many of them will put a reminder in your calendar and your client’s. Some of them even send text messages.  Good bye missed appointment!

Payment Processor

At some point, you’re going to want to get paid. And if you do business online, you need to be able to Accept credit cards.  Paypal is the big boy out there, but there are a few others on the scene.

CRM (customer relationship management) System

As you start to connect with people, you are going to need a system for following up with them and tracking where they are in the process. Whether you use a spreadsheet of a fancy CRM, you need a way to keep track of who you come in contact with. Just trust me on this one

Conference Call Line

If you plan to do any group coaching or teach classes, you will need a way to get them all on the line.  I’ve also found this way to be helpful when coaching international clients (or if you don’t want to use your cell to coach).

Social Media Scheduler

I would be remiss if I did not mention social media productivity tools.  You can easily spend all day on your favorite social media platform, if you’re not careful.  There are a lot of tools that make it easier for you to manage social media for business.

Create Beautiful Graphics

If you plan to market on social media, you need to have eye-catching graphics or your hard work and deep thoughts won’t be seen.

Keep All of Your Thoughts in One Place

Keeping up with important links, graphics, quote, articles and notes for your blogs can be hard if you don’t have a way to store and find them when the need arises.  Evernote is one way you can do this or a more formal project management system.

Create Surveys and Forms

Email is okay, but it’s also nice to be able to create surveys and forms and be able to store all of the answers in one place.  This is a really good thing to have for your client intake form, client feedback form and target market research.

Coaching Agreement

The other thing I recommend for your tool kit is a coaching agreement if you don’t have one already.  Think of it as a way to set boundaries and make things clear so there are no misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

There are so many companies that provide these tools, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused (not to mention expensive). I did a lot of research on the best tools in terms of usability and price and created the Business Essentials Toolkit for Coaches to help get you started.


To download your FREE Business Essentials Toolkit Please Click Here.

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