The Perfect Body

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Photo from www.DearKate'
Photo from www.DearKate’

Victoria Secret put out this ad with the picture on top and Dear Kate responded with her version (bottom pic) and this commentary which I thought was brilliant.  So I was inspired to write this post because for a long time I tended to focus on the parts of me that I wasn’t in love with and that kept me trapped.  I wasted years and a lot of money trying to “fix” things that were only problems because I thought they were.

“My hair is too kinky, I’m too dark, and my thighs and butt are too big.” I often told myself.

When we listen to and believe messages like the one in the advertisement or the ones in our heads, it leads to body shame. Shame is the feeling that creeps up when we think “there’s something wrong with me.”

Funny thing is, those are the very things I get complimented on these days. You have no idea how many women (and men) compliment me on my hair and my complexion, especially when it’s been kissed by the sun. This round butt just makes jeans look better and these big strong legs have earned me the name The Rocket on my bike. So really, it was all in my head and I am so grateful for the new perspective.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you either. You have features that have served you well in this life and some that others would give their right arm for.   What are they? Your smile, your hair, your long luscious eyelashes? Really start to find, focus on and appreciate those things and the parts of you that you are less in love with will start to be a non-issue.

What is the feature you love about yourself or even like a little bit?  Give it a shout out below or join the conversation on Facebook

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“I wasted years and a lot of money trying to “fix” things that were only problems because I thought they were.”
Me, too… but I’ve forgiven myself. I did the best I knew how, and I am so lucky that I have found that today’s “best” is so much better than what used to be!