The Food Police

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They were deep up in my head like “You are eating too late.  You shouldn’t eat past 6 o’clock”  “Too much fat in that.  It’ll go straight to your hips.”  “You have to avoid carbs to get rid of the weight.” You shouldn’t eat that, you’re supposed to be on a diet.” “You have to eat good during the week, THEN you can have a cheat day.” ONE cheat day.


You know, the Food Police.  They keep us imprisoned and feeling guilty and ashamed for eating things that will “make us fat“.   Where do these rules come from?  Our family, society (magazines, diet programs, the Internet), doctors and nutritionists… so many places.  The problem is, when we let the Food Police (our internal voice) beat us up, we feel like crap.  And when we feel like crap, what do we do?  If you are anything like I was, YOU EAT.


What are your food rules? Add them to the comments section below…I’m making a list and BURNING it.

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