The Closet Challenge

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We have talked a lot about paying attention to the signals our bodies give us and honoring them.  Like we would not force feed a child, we would not make them wear clothes that do not fit.  Why then do we do it to ourselves?


If you are anything like I was, you have probably had the talk when it’s time to get dressed for work or to go out that sounds something like this:  “Oh no, that doesn’t fit either?!  I don’t have anything to wear.”  After which I would usually go into a funk or a frenzy, frantic to find something that I found remotely attractive to wear or I would cancel.


When we choose to keep a lot of clothes in our closet that do not fit, it’s a constant reminder of what we think we’re not.  Not thin enough, not pretty enough and the tailspin begins.  Wearing undergarments that are too tight with your boobs spilling out of the top or only having one or two that fit well is not acceptable.  So many times we tell ourselves, “I REFUSE to buy ______ at that size, because if I do, I’ll get comfortable.” What you don’t realize is that you deserve to have clothes that fit and continuing to sift through clothes that are too small and wearing things that are too tight are often a reminder that you are fat.  When we feel fat what do we do?  You guessed it.  We withdraw. We sit on the couch, watch Scandal, drink wine and EAT.


You deserve to be comfortable with clothes that fit.  This does not mean you’ll stay at that size forever, but when you feel good you will treat yourself well.


Closet Challenge:

Play dress up like when we were kids.  Put on some music to get you hype and strut your stuff!

Find what fits and what accentuates your curves and move those items front and center. 

Move all clothes that don’t fit to the back of the closet (or take them to a consignment shop) and toss what is worn or outdated.



Extra credit: Buy something you feel good in at your current size

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