QOTD: Do you Look Good Then Feel Good or Do you Feel Good Then Look Good?

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I have posted my thoughts on this somewhere before, but I think it bares repeating because it is so important.  I  had a co-worker pass me the other day and say, “Girl, if could get down to your size I’d be happy.”  I know for me, I had to be happy before I would do the things that my body needed to get down to my size.  I was smiling because I thought to myself, “at least I caught it before it got too out of control.  I know what to do. I have done it before.  I want to be strong and healthy.  I need to kick butt on the bike and this extra weight is slowing me down.”  With those empowering thoughts versus (it’s too hard, I don’t feel like it, maybe tomorrow)  I found it easy to get up, lace up the sneakers and get to work on creating my best self.

I heard somewhere that our current circumstances are the direct result of the the thoughts swimming around in our heads and the stories we believe about ourselves.  I had a belief about myself that I was a big girl and people should love me the way I was, so I perpetuated that thought in my actions leading to the results I had (being overweight).  I thought that eating my favorite comfort foods made me feel better. This also contributed to my weight gain, because every time I indulged in them, then fact was, I did not feel better.  Whatever was bothering me was still there and I now had to deal with the consequence of my over-indulgence…weight gain.

What thoughts do you have swimming around in your head that cause you to do something you know is the exact opposite of what will bring you closer to your goals?  Or perhaps the thought causes your NOT to do the things that you need to do to reach your goals?  I challenge you to start to be observant.  Start to listen to the things you tell yourself and change them if they are not helping you get the results you say you want in your life.

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