How to Get the Seeds Out of a Pomegranate

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So my girl, Gaminee, told me how to get the seeds out of a pomegranate saving me lots of time and money, so I’m paying it forward.  Check out the video instructions.


If you prefer to read the instructions, it kind of goes like this:

Lightly slice around the midsection of the pomegranate, much like you would do an avocado, but not as deep. Once you have gone all the way around the fruit, use your fingers to pry it into two halves.  Place one half face-down in a bowl and using something that is hard with some weight to it (I used a plastic shaker bottle, others have used a meat clever) bang on the outside of the pomegranate in a few places (Just two or three, don’t try to demolish it LOL)

Once you lift the fruit, most of the seeds should fall out of the shell into the bowl.  Then you just gently bend the skin pressing it until more seeds fall out.  You can then gently prick the remaining seeds from their casing.

I recommend rinsing them in water in the bowl or a colander to get the rest of the casing particles off.  Dump them into a bowl and enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing this – I gotta try it because I’m not trying to pay $4 for pomegranate seeds. 🙂