How to Find YOUR People

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Remember my client who wanted to coach coaches because she thought it was easiest because she was surrounded by them?  If not, get the backstory here.

Well, we went through the process of finding out what she wanted to create for herself and her strengths, then we narrowed down her target market and started working on a client avatar, now it’s time to find her peeps. (Hint: you can use the same process to find your tribe).

Here’s how it went:

In the end, we determined that she could get excited about women ages 28-44 in the advertising and marketing space, in her home town, who are definitely busy, who she most definitely knows about where to find them and how they think, because she used to be one of them.

  1. She knew where they were local marketing and advertising firms
  2. She could do lunch and learns/small presentations to generate leads for clients
  3. She would start to use Linked In more (professional women, easy to locate)
  4. She also had a love for photography and decided to use that to provide quick tips

So let’s go back.  Here’s a quick way to decide how to start promoting your business and looking for clients.


If you want to use social media to promote your business, which platforms are you already using?

Which platforms are your potential customers using?

Which ones do you like to use?

If you don’t like it, you won’t use it.  If your customers are on that platform, you want to find another one.


Is your business local or global?

Do you like public speaking?

Would you prefer to go to networking functions or conferences?

Consider these things before you come up with your marketing plan.

Note: the goal is always to have a way to follow up with them.  So if you network online, all efforts should be made to get them onto your email list so you can keep in touch, provide value, etc.  If you network offline, you want to establish a follow up system that will allow you develop a relationship.  Don’t just collect business cards. Follow up, be helpful, establish a relationship.

If you have been having trouble finding YOUR people, let’s have a chat.  I am sure I can help you get clarity around who you serve and what to offer them.  I have a few spots left this month for us to talk strategy.  Follow the steps to set up an appointment with me HERE.

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