How to Feel Good About your Body

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Stop body checking.  You know.  Sizing up the other women in the room.  You don’t know what that person did to get there and you don’t know their state of health.  Is she naturally thin?  She may look thin on the outside, but can’t run a mile without being out of breath.  Is she on a rigorous diet and training program for a competition and hating life?  Does she have an eating disorder?


I remember when one of my co-workers decided she was going to do her first amateur bodybuilding competition.  As it got closer and closer to the date, other co-workers warned me to stay away. “She’s cranky because she can’t have carbs.”  Is that living?  I told myself if that is what I had to do to get low body fat, then forget it.  You have to start to get really clear on what is important to you.  Health or thinness?


Can you allow yourself to appreciate beauty in all things and all people without comparing yourself to them? There are things about you that others would kill for and probably compliment you on, but you shoo their compliments away.  Focusing on what you perceive to be negative does not help.


Today’s challenge is to list 10 things you like or appreciate about yourself.

Here are a few questions/ideas to get you started.

What has your body allowed you to do?  Create and birth kids, put up with the punishment you put it through, healed from injury, allowed you to complete some physical tasks?

What is something that people compliment you on? Your eyes, smile?

What is something you are skilled or talented in that you are proud of?

Keep this list close to you so when you start “feeling fat” you can shift the focus.

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