How to Come out on Top No Matter What Life Throws your Way

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If you remember that for everything that happens in our life we immediately have a thought about it.  What we choose to think about that circumstance causes us to feel a certain way.  When we feel that way about that circumstance we do something (or don’t do) which when done over and over again creates our current results.  If you have been watching your thoughts, you may have noticed some pretty negative stuff in there.  No need to beat yourself up and don’t worry.  Today we’ll talk about how to change that.


Back to our examples

Circumstance: I own a business and I work full time.

Old Thought: I don’t have time to do what I need to for my business because I have to work

New Thought: I want to work because I like my current lifestyle and it gives me the money to pay for my business expenses

New Feeling: Fortunate

New Action: I am more efficient at work so I can leave on time

Result: More time and energy to work on my business

Circumstance(situation) Weekly Staff Meetings

Old Thought: nothing ever changes around here.

New Thought: Maybe if I agree to take the lead on the project, they will let me implement my idea on a trial basis

New Feeling: hopeful

New Action: express my ideas in the staff meeting

Result: Show that I have fresh ideas (and may possibly get promoted and have more power to change the culture of the workplace)

Let’s look at one related to weight loss.

Circumstance: I weigh 200 pounds

Old Thought: It’s going to take forever to lose that much weight.

When I choose to think that it’s going to take forever to lose that much weight I feel overwhelmed

So I take a nap instead of going to the gym

Resulting in me being one day further away from my goal



Notice the circumstance/situations DID NOT CHANGE.  Only my thoughts about them changed, which created different results.  This works for ANY circumstance or situation in life.  Some people call it looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but why choose to be miserable when you don’t have to?

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