How to get more done without burning yourself out

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One of the biggest complaints I hear entrepreneurs complain of is not having enough time. Those who have a job complain that that is the reason they can’t get their business off the ground.  Those working their business full-time are stressed out too.  The never ending to do list is taking over and I want to show you my process for getting past overwhelm so you can get more done without pulling your hair out.

Warning, these tips are simple, but some people have difficulty implementing them because they require discipline and the ability to say NO when you’d rather take a nap than work or you’d rather go to happy hour than work, but you want to remember WHY you’re doing this in the first place and know that if you stick with it now, you will have the freedom to go and do as you please soon enough.

  1. Start with the constants in your business and your life. These are the fixed things like work if you still have a job, your commute, date night, spin class or whatever those things are that you do on a regular basis.

Step 1 write out your list of activities that don’t change. Put them on a calendar.

This includes daily, weekly, monthly activities.

Work from 7-6 with your commute, write it down, date night is on Saturdays 7-11, spin class is MWF 6am, write it down

For your business, do you have a weekly team meeting or do you teach a monthly class? One of my clients has a monthly luncheon, same time, same day of the month. Schedule them. Write it down.

2.Time blocking group together certain activities so you are not bouncing from task to task. This can be done by day or by 90 minute-2 hour blocks.

First, think about what other activities you perform on a regular basis: client calls, blog or podcast, newsletter, social media posts, admin, etc.

Then, assign a day to them.

For example:

Mondays planning and admin

Tuesdays Clients/Calls

Wednesdays Content/projects

Thursdays Clients/Calls

Friday Follow up/engage


If you set certain days for certain things, you will know what you’re supposed to be working on.  (and it’s easier to say no to things that will get you off track).  Here’s something to think about as you implement this.  You have to protect your time because no one else will.  If they have a job and they are finished but you are trying to walk away from yours, you have to treat the time that you are scheduled to work on your business as sacred.

Here is an example of a schedule for someone with a job:

6-7 morning routine

7-6 work + commute

6-7 family time/regroup


9-11 BLOCK


Here is an example if you run your business full time:

6-8 morning routine

8-10 BLOCK

10-12 BLOCK

12-1 lunch




What do you do during that time?

First you have the constants, the you have your projects.

A lot of us get overwhelmed because we have no plan and we are trying to do too much.  If you focus on one major project or goal for the quarter, it will be easier to get everything done.

How do you do that?

Start by figuring out what your goal or focus is for this quarter.

Is it a product, live event, setting up your business, building your list or database?

What things do you need to do to accomplish that?

Now you have a huge to do list and most people stop there and get overwhelmed.  Here’s something one of my mentors taught me that made a huge difference.  Take it one step further and put each task on your calendar.

In your blocks ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish in this block of time and get to it. That way you keep moving forward in a way to gets results instead just doing a lot of busy work.

Once you have the tasks to complete your project on the calendar toss the to do list.

I know that was a lot, so let’s recap:

Step 1. On your calendar, evaluate and write out all of your constants

Step 2. Group your constants for your business by days-client calls, admin, content, etc.

Step 3. Fill in the gaps with the project-based activities

If you want to sit down and build out your plan for the next 90 days and where to fit it all in, email me at with the Subject Line: Planning Session and let’s find a time to talk about your specific situation and how to maximize the time you have to achieve your goals.

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