Episode 46: Saying Goodbye

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When it comes to your business, sometimes you don’t fit into a specific category that everybody talks about. And so even though your business is thriving and successful it may feel much harder, challenging, or difficult than you think it should. If this is you then it’s time to pivot and try something else. The key is to not give up. Just keep trying different strategies until something resonates with you and gets you to the space where you feel aligned with your purpose, passion, goals, and your tribe. This is exactly what TaVona has experienced in this season of her business and in this episode, she will share that journey with you. And if you are a coach and you want help with this work, TaVona can 100% help you gain clarity and provide you with proven launch strategies to fill your one-on-one practice and group programs. Contact her at www.tavonadenise.com to explore what working together could look like.

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