Episode 45: How to Win in Business

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As a lifestyle, business, and mindset coach, TaVona’s goal is to support her clients in achieving their goals, without the hustle, overwhelm, and burnout. She is passionate about seeing her clients win and does this by helping entrepreneurs create simple strategies and take consistent action. Her experience as a business coach has given her valuable insight into the difference between entrepreneurs who win and those who stall out. In today’s episode, she will share ten ways of thinking and being that will help you win at life and business. If you’re ready to start your journey of unstoppable success, press play now!

Highlights (with timestamps):

[1:22] Principle #1 – Entrepreneurship is supposed to be challenging.
[2:27] Principle #2 -There is no right or wrong way to build a successful business.
[2:54] Principle #3 – Make decisions and stick to them.
[3:32] Principle #4 – Time is relative.
[4:54] Principle #5 – The most successful entrepreneurs get what they came for.
[5:18] Principle #6 – There is a difference between finding clients and signing clients.
[5:48] Principle #7 – Have or develop a positive relationship with money.
[6:18] Principle #8 – Experiment and evaluate.
[7:05] Principle #9 – Do thought work daily.
[7:42] Principle #10 – Take action even if you are afraid.
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