Episode 44: Ask Me Anything

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You are in for a treat with this episode! Recently in the Thrive Network private Facebook group, TaVona put out the invitation to ask her anything. The questions were so great that she decided to answer them on the podcast! Listen in for insightful responses that will provide clarity on how to start and grow your business to your desired goal. If you have additional questions that you would like an answer to, be sure to connect with TaVona by visiting wordpress-133136-1665277.cloudwaysapps.com/momentum. Enjoy!

Highlights (with timestamps):

[0:58] How do I attract my people more precisely?
[2:27] How do I get visible as someone who is camera shy?
[3:23] How does a solopreneur effectively prioritize the many tasks that require attention?
[4:15] Is there a good formula for time allocation?
[6:07] How do I connect with the people I am wanting to serve offline and online?
[6:57] How do I reach and find clients online, outside of people you already know?
[8:18] How do I market to my target audience other than social media and via a meager email list?
[9:41] How to take the first step in your business when it’s too overwhelming to know where to start?
[10:56] Is one platform better than the other, IG vs FB?
[11:23] What is the best way to set yourself apart from others when it seems so many people are offering the same systems, products, etc. beyond having bad a** skills and getting results?
[12:04] How can we increase followers, keep them and provide valuable content in a timely manner so that it does not take over our whole life?
[13:38] How do you promote things without having a health coaching certification?
Mentioned in this episode: 15 Ways to Find Clients When You are Just Starting Your Business

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