Episode 41: Inconvenient Amnesia

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Have you ever created something for your business then forget about it only to find yourself spinning in circles trying to recreate it all over again from scratch? This is called inconvenient amnesia. It’s your brain’s way of trying to protect you but it’s a symptom of indecision and it will keep you stuck. Overcoming indecision and figuring out how to get ahead with your business is about trusting yourself, making decisions, and taking action in order to gain momentum. In this episode, TaVona will share with you three examples of how inconvenient amnesia can show up and tell you exactly how to remedy it.

Highlights (with timestamps):

[1:58] Inconvenient Amnesia can show up as you create the same program over and over again from scratch. Not version 2.0 of a program but the same program.
[3:09] Inconvenient Amnesia can show up as you doing the same assignment over and over again.
[4:42] Inconvenient Amnesia can show up as you deciding the name or promise of your program multiple times.
[8:10] Make the decision to offer your services to people because offering your services to people is the best way to determine what your next move is.
[8:23] If you’re experiencing inconvenient amnesia, make some decisions in your business and write them down someplace where you can see them on a regular basis.

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