Episode 31: Making the Leap from Patient Care to a Full-Time Coaching Business

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Today we welcome a variety of entrepreneurs who were bold enough to follow their personal mission,  leave their traditional healthcare setting, and ultimately broaden what they could offer the world with their skill sets.

Please Welcome:

Dr. Nora Vasquez is the founder of Renew Your Mind MD and a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician. As a Physician Life Coach, she helps doctors create a resilient mindset to better manage the stress of practicing medicine to avoid burnout. Her mission is to “Heal the Healers” and help her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Find her at www.renewyourmindmd.com.

Sherina Hill is a nurse by training, a free-spirited rebel, wife, and mother, and Life Coach, who just believes that we are here to experience life in a big way. She works with Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and High Achievers who want and believe they can have it all. Find her at sherinatoday.com or on instagram @sherinatoday.

Sara Mikulski is a physical therapist with multiple degrees in health and PT, a personal training certification and specialties in nutrition in ergonomics. She believes in providing lifestyle medicine to improve health — treating the mind and the body, and opened her practice in 2016 to offer a more holistic approach to healthcare. Because Sara understands that exercising and eating right can seem daunting, she helps her clients develop easy, obtainable programs that fit into their busy schedules. Find her at www.saramikulsky.com or on instagram @drsaramikulsky.

Charmaine Platon, BSN, RN, is a Sugar Cravings Coach, Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, and a Registered Nurse who at one time was borderline pre-diabetic (even though she was in the best physical shape of her life)! She is on a mission to prevent diabetes across the globe by empowering people with self-care tools to manage their food cravings without feeling deprived. Find her at www.sugarfreeselfcare.com or on instagram @sugarfree.selfcare 

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