Cycling… One of my fitness passions

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Cycling has become one of my favorite pastimes, so you will often hear me speak about it on Workout Wednesdays.

Here is an excerpt of an interview that I did with Diatta Harris of Femme Fitale Fit Club that really highlights why I love the sport so much and how I got into it.  (Click “interview” to see the entire article with photos)

FFFC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

TB:  I am a born-again athlete.  I say that because I played sports throughout high school and most of college, fell off the wagon and found a love for health and fitness again through sports as an adult.   As a Physical Therapist with certification as an Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Personal training certification, one would not expect that I was obese, at one time weighing over 200 pounds, but I was.  With Weight Watchers and my two fitness loves, cycling and Crossfit, I jokingly say that I went from fat to fit and haven’t looked back since.  Most recently, I went on to become a Crossfit Level 1 Instructor and a Certified Wellness Coach.  My passion is helping women achieve a lifestyle of fitness by exposing them to fun fitness activities through my organization, So Fit Ladies

FFFC:  How and why did you get started riding?

TB:  Actually, my dad started riding the year before I did when he turned 60.  When he first told me he rode his bicycle 25 miles, I was like, “is there something wrong with your car?”  Eventually, a friend of mine asked me to ride on the Silver Comet Trail (a paved path that leads from Georgia to Alabama).  I rented a bike, we rode 25 miles and I was hooked!  Within 2 weeks I purchased a bike and haven’t looked back since.  Get the rest HERE

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