Breaking Protocol Bonus Episode: Dr. Omolara on Living Beyond the Title

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In healthcare it seems to be the norm to root your identity in what you do, and only what you do. Nevermind the other essential roles you take on as a mother, friend, wife etc. Listen as TaVona interviews Dr. Omolara who discusses her experience going from doctor, to patient, to entrepreneur. Dr. Omolara shares her journey from healthcare to business and how she discovered the niche she’s thriving in.

Dr. Omolara founder of Melanin, Medicine & Motherhood provides support and empowerment, through coaching, training and community, to women physicians of color navigating motherhood and the unique challenges of workplace bias, microaggressions & discrimination. If you’re a woman of color and physician looking for community join her FB group.

Prefer to read the Transcript? Click here.

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