Are you Torturing Yourself with Promises of Tomorrow?

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This is so important to know because of us are torturing ourselves with our thoughts and we don’t even realize it.  I can remember daydreaming about what would happen when I lost weight.  The man I had been dealing with for so long would finally choose me.   He would settle down and ask me to marry him and I would be happy all the time.  I was in a toxic relationship, looking for him to validate me and I truly believed that once I lost the weight, everything would be fine and we’d live happily ever after.  Fast forward 5 years.  I finally lost the weight and you know what?  He was STILL playing the same games and still very much not into commitment.  But wait!  I was smaller now, where was my prize dammit?!


Many times we don’t realize it, but are taking the easy route by blaming our feeling and circumstances on our weight instead of confronting the real issues head-on.



Answer these question for yourself.

My life would be better if I lost weight because:______________.

What about losing weight ensures this outcome for you?

Is it possible to gain this outcome without losing the weight?

Is it possible that the problem will still be there after you lose the weight?


Will losing weight REALLY make it better?


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