9: Being Black as a Coach Online with Marilyn Fontaine, Georgie Howie and Theresa Pride

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What is the experience like being a woman of African descent building a business online? In this episode of Coaching & Conversations, TaVona speaks with women of color candidly about what life is REALLY like.

They discuss:

  • Hair, being judged and the pressure to show up a certain way online.
  • How they handle opinions from our moms and the need for reparenting.
  • The side effect of being the minority in the room and why representation matters in the coaching space.


You HAVE to check out this Donna Summers cover remake Marilyn did!

“The more I am myself, the more people are drawn to me.” Marilyn Fontaine Link to her Donna Summers Cover on IG https://www.instagram.com/p/CYeSf0DIczl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Marilyn Fontaine

I am a life coach for creative-based business women who want more success income and ease. I created the Powerfully aligned system and became determined to help other creative-based business women lead their creative souls to success.


Georgie Howie

Life Coach, Licensed Therapist, and Life-Long Learner helping you break the cycle of self-defeat to create a life of fulfillment. I help black women cultivate the awareness, confidence, and mindset to push through all obstacles that hinder them from living a fulfilling life.


Theresa Pride

SoulBody Doctor and the founder of My HealCode. This method was born from decades of working intimately with pain, healing, and movement as a Pilates movement specialist, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a certified Quantum Energy Healer. The physical and energetic realms meet through my guidance to provide 360° lasting healing.


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