8: Entitlement, Expectations & Business with Anke Docherty

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This is another one of those #toughlove episodes, where TaVona gets real and raw, this time with guest, Anke Docherty, about some of the things they have been seeing in some of the coaching communities that are not helpful when it comes to creating a successful business.

During their conversation they discuss:

  • Whose responsibility is it for achieving the results?
  • Taking on debt in business and taking the pressure off
  • The 4 marketing personalities, as defined by Beth Grant and how they can help guide the approach you choose for your business
  • When following the rules backfires in business
  • The one question to ask yourself if you haven’t made money yet in your business

Resources from this episode:


Connect with Anke: Ankedocherty.com

Join the conversation and the community: https://tavonadenise.com/join

Connect with TaVona on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tavonadenise/

🌍 Website https://tavonadenise.com/

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