7: Feelings & Failure with Nneka Roberts

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You know how some people seem to go from zero to success overnight? Well that is not what this episode is about. In this episode, TaVona sits down with multiple six-figure earner, Nneka Roberts to discuss failure and feelings.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • The book that started her entrepreneurial career
  • Alternative definitions of failure and Nneka’s key to success
  • Nneka & TaVona get real about emotional eating and being honest with yourself
  • Nneka shares some “medicine” for feeling the feelings

Resources from this episode:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

How to Win Friend & Influence People

The Millionaire Next Door

Connect with Nneka: SimpleSageSolutions.com

Join the conversation and the community: https://tavonadenise.com/join

Connect with TaVona on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tavonadenise/

🌍 Website https://tavonadenise.com/

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