16: Being Real AF Online…as a licensed professional with Dr. Lisa Folden, DPT

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How do you show up as your FULL self, when you are working as a professional in an industry like healthcare and what everyone is doing is boring? Listen in as TaVona picks Dr. Lisa Folden’s brain to find out how she got the courage to show up 100% as herself.

They discuss:

How they deal with loneliness in business.

What was scary about being more of who she really was and talking to HER people and the surprising result.

Her 3 step approach to dealing with imposter syndrome, the haters, gremlins and trolls…including colleagues.

The guiding principles around the content that she creates that made social media so much easier for her and how long it took her to figure it out.

What happened when she didn’t listen to her calling and why that detour was an important part of the process.


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